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MyZone is a discreet personal vibrating alarm, worn on the rear of the hard hat, alerting site workers to real and immediate danger from a moving or static safety hazard, allowing them to take evasive action before possible injury.

A virtual exclusion zone is set up around a management designated safety hazard using a very low radio frequency (125kHz), autonomous from any IP network. Our proximity warning system provides an immediate safety status and can be scaled to protect any number of site-based personnel.


Product Description

The MyZone worker alert system provides a safe working environment for site-based personnel working in heavy industrial areas by creating a virtual exclusion zone around management defined hazards using a simple radio frequency (autonomous from any IP network). The system provides an immediate safety status for site managers and can be scaled to any number of operatives.

A discreet vibrating warning via a small transmitter (which simply clips onto the back of a hard hat) gives ownership of personal safety back to the individual, allowing the wearer to make a considered choice whether to enter a predetermined exclusion zone and the risk involved.

Specifically designed not to notify the operator or interact with the functionality of the heavy equipment (plant), MyZone’s philosophy is to engage and empower the individual to encourage positive behavioural change. 

MyZone provides simple and scalable communications system that prevents serious accidents with heavy equipment. It doesn't compromise the security and integrity of a company as no IP network is used, no data is collected, there's no feedback to management and no emissions from the hard hat mounted receiver unit.

MyZone is an aid to personal awareness only and should be used in conjunction with established on site safe working practices.


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