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The benefits of Emergency planning | James (Tony) Hill & Paul Swale

The benefits of Emergency planning | James (Tony) Hill & Paul Swale

James (Tony) Hill & Paul Swale - Risk Prevention

The benefits of Emergency planning

During an evolving event, there is an urgent need for rapid decisions, there is a shortage of time, often a lack of resources and trained personnel who can assist in recovering an organisation from an emergency situation. Time and circumstances in an emergency mean that normal channels of authority and communication cannot be relied upon to function routinely. The stress of the situation can also lead to poor judgment resulting in severe losses. Let us share our ideas on what you are able to do, to better prepare your team for an emergency.

 James (Tony) Hill

Tony is ex-military and has a background in extremely high risk activities such as mixed gas construction diving, explosive demolitions (on land and underwater), landmine clearance as well as horizontal and vertical construction/destruction and training. He has operated and managed projects in extremely hostile environments such as Former Yugoslavia, Former USSR, Somalia, Yemen and Liberia. Tony holds a Masters degree in Integrated Logistics, a post graduate diploma in Defence and Strategic Studies, and is a qualified Lead Auditor and Health & Safety consultant.


Paul Swale

Paul has an extremely wide-ranging background and experience within the Mining Industry, Security (Maritime and Land), Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Management and Health & Safety.Operating, providing advice and training in austere and remote locations worldwide, Paul has established and implemented a range of Crisis, Emergency, Security, Aerodrome and Safety Management processes across multi-jurisdictional bodies across various industries and in a number of challenging countries. These include the Middle East, Paupa New Guinea, East African nations, Latin American nations, New Zealand and Australia. He has facilitated and co-ordinated with various government authorities; and in each country the local community bodies. He relates well with diverse ethnic and cultural teams, and with all levels across industry.

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